Surrendering A Pet

                                                       Surrendering a Pet to Last Hope 


Last Hope knows that surrendering a pet is never an easy decision and understands that unforeseen circumstances may result in the owner considering the surrender of a pet or perhaps a found/abandoned pet. This page will provide Last Hope’s basic Qualifications and Procedures for Last Hope to consider your pet for surrender..

Since Last Hope does not have a shelter, no pets can be surrendered at the Office location, nor can you just drop off an animal without having completed the Surrender Steps provided below. The surrender procedure requires a minimum of 1 week (sometimes longer) to find an opening in Last Hope's foster home network. Last Hope accepts only cats and dogs. Pets adopted from Last Hope are given priority according to the terms of the Last Hope Adoption Contract.  For any other kind animals go to the Animal Help Resources page for helpful information.

Last Hope is a foster home-based cat and dog rescue.  All the pets within the Last Hope Adoption Program live in homes with the foster families who care for them. Therefore, our ability to accept a surrender of your pet is based upon the following:

* There being an opening in a foster home capable of fostering the pet you wish to surrender,

*  Your pet must meet Last Hope's Qualifications and Surrender Steps that will assure the pet can be safely adopted into a new home. ( The completion of the following Surrender Steps does not guarantee Last Hope's ability to accept your animal for surrender.)


Last Hope may not be able to consider your pet for surrender if any of the following conditions exist:

  * The animal was purchased from a breeder or adopted from another rescue where a contract exists stipulating that the pet must be returned to the breeder or rescue organization if you can no longer keep the pet. Please check any agreement or contract you signed when you purchased or adopted your pet first before contacting Last Hope.

 * Last Hope is unable to consider any breed or mix of breed for surrender if any of the following characteristics or conditions exist:

          A dog deemed “Dangerous” or potentially “Dangerous” by any county or municipal authority.  

          A dog with a bite history.

          A dog with a history of aggression issues.

 * Last Hope may be unable to accept for surrender any breed or mix if any of the following characteristics or conditions exist: 

         Animals with severe separation anxiety.

          Cat or Dogs with chronic pet urination, spraying, or defecation issues within the home or outside a litter box.
         Any other condition or traits which would render the animal unadoptable.


Surrender Steps:

1.  Please complete the appropriate Surrender Application online which can be found HERE. The completed Surrender Application and the additional information described below will be used by Last Hope to determine whether the cat or dog will be approved for surrender to Last Hope.

2.Be sure to upload a photo of the cat or dog to be submitted for surrender consideration with the Pet Surrender Application.

3. Be sure to upload a photo of your most recent veterinary record for your cat or dog, or fax to 651-463-9474.

Last Hope requires current vet records stating the overall health of the cat or dog along with proof of up to date vaccinations, and spay or neuter. If you are not able to provide veterinary records then Last Hope requires that you bring your cat or dog  to a veterinarian of your choice to have these procedures completed at your expense. A Last Hope Intake Coordinator will be able to discuss this issue with you once the Application has been received and reviewed. Once you have provided Last Hope with acceptable veterinary records, and the animal is approved for intake, Last Hope will have you deliver the cat or dog to one of our veterinary clinics where you will sign a Surrender Form transferring ownership of the cat or dog to Last Hope. 

4. Last Hope requests a $50.00 Surrender Fee donation to help defray veterinary costs, food, and other expenses incurred while the animal remains in foster care. The Surrender Fee must be paid by credit or debit card before the animal can be delivered to one of Last Hope's veterinary clinics as part of the surrender process described in 3. The credit card payment of the surrender fee can be processed by the Last Hope Coordinator who approved the surrender for the cat or dog. If neither is available at the time and you wish to process the surrender fee of $50.00 please call the Last Hope Office at 651-463-8747 to pay the surrender fee by credit card.

5. After the surrender takes place and the pet completes a wellness exam, the pet will be picked up by its new Foster family within 24-36 hours and officially become a participant in Last Hope’s Adoption Program, which has found forever homes for over 45,000 cats and dogs since 1984.


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