Animal Help Resources


What to do if you have lost your pet

(These same procedures & resources should be utilized if you find a stray animal)

* Contact your local police department (non-emergency number) or animal control to see if your pet has been     reported found.

* Contact local veterinarian offices to see if anyone has reported seeing your lost pet. This is also important       because many lost pets are taken to a vet to be scanned for a microchip.

* Put posters up in a 5 block area around your home.(place in plastic sleeve to protect from rain) Include a        description of your pet, a photo if possible, and your contact information. Place signs in local pet                      stores, vet offices, and local schools (use the eyes of hundreds of students to help find your pet)

* Utilize social media and the internet to get the word out. The following links offer a “lost and found” for            pets, where you can post information on your lost pet, as well as search the “found” section to see if your      pet has been found:

* Find Toto

* Lost Pet USA

* Facebook Lost Cats

* Facebook Lost Dogs

* Craigslist Lost and Found

* Call local animal shelters and rescue organizations to let them know you are looking for a lost animal.

* You can find a list of local animal rescues by logging on to Pet Finder Shelters and Rescues and enter             your zip code.

Wildlife Rescue and Species Specific Rescue Contacts

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 651-486-9453
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release 612-822-7058
University of MN Raptor Center 612-624-4745
Companion Birds Parrot Help 612-208-2203
Rabbits MN Companion Rabbit Society 651-768-9755 (voice mail) Email
Ferrets, Rats, Reptiles MN Pocket Pet Rescue
Horse MN Hoofed Animal Association 763-856-3119
Guinea Pigs Piggy Haven 651-231-7403

To Report Animal Abuse


If you need to report an animal abuse situation, all metro county websites will refer you to the Minnesota Animal Humane Society. If you believe an animal is in an immediate life threatening situation, using good judgement, you can always call 911, or your local police non-emergency number.

Minnesota Federated Humane Societies - 612-866-8663

City of Minneapolis - 612-673-3000 (inside city limits only)

Animal Humane Society  - 612-772-9999

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

Spay and Neuter

MN Snap - Spay Neuter Assistance Program - 612-720-8236

Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers 952-435-7738

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