Success Stories

Kody Scout! A Stray ! What a Pain! Yes he was!  No one wanted to foster him! He would pee in front of you wagging his tail. He would jump up on the dining room table while you were eating and Never listened! Also he had so much energy, he only slept 3 hours after barking until he was horse? He jumped up on your, and all he wanted to do is play. Last Hope got him in April 2010!  So, he wasn't adoptable at all. Also, he had every type of worm that made him about 40 lbs when he should have been 60bs! Most rescues would have thrown him away like his previous owner must have did.
He moved from foster home to foster home and each time got a little better with this or that! No foster home wanted to work with him more than 3 weeks at a time. He was hard. He bounced back to the  dog Coordinators home a couple of times for stints and she did notice an improvement. He spent some time at Camp Bow wow  doggie daycare and ran and ran too! One thing good about him is that he loved other dogs and was great with him when off leash. So we worked on him and trained him, and taught him to sit for a treat. That was quite an accomplishment!!  He actually started responding to humans!  He figures out that every human wants him to potty outside, He figured out that every human doesn't want him barking, and jumping up.  So he was ready for adoption day
At Pet adoption day he barked and barked and would lunge at other dogs to try to get to play with them so on a leash he was still a manic!  We thought, here we go, he will never be adopted!
We stopped sending him to adoption days and Mara, who cannot come to adoption days took him to his country home. She has over 10 acres  unfenced and he would run and run and come back on a dime when his name was called. He knew that food, treats, and love was coming.  He would be tired at night and slept all night in a crate, but that moved quickly to her bed! He loved her small to large dogs of her own and would never pick a fight. If there was a doggie duel, he would walk away!
The perfect home was waiting for him as Mara was falling in love. At the End of December the phone rang with the best home.  This dog would not have to be on a leash, which he hated, He would have acres to run and a warm human bed to cuddle!  She told her significant other she wanted to adopt him herself since her birthday was coming. Her boyfriend said no. She went to their home and it was a match in heaven and Scout was in his permanent home. She was very happy.
We had Scout for 8 months and with the dedication to all the fosters than made him a better dog.
Now in his new home he wants to tell you that his new name is Sam!

It's me Sam......I mean Scout, I'm already getting used to my new name. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how everything is going. It s great here, first while Claire was home from college, she spoiled me and let me sleep on her bed with her, I kept her warm. Did you know she wants to be a vet, she could give me a shot any time and I wouldn t care! Then there's Judy, she spoils me too, gives me lots of treats, lets me sleep next to her on the couch petting me all the time, and at night next to her on the floor on a special bed.....and calls me little Mister, I love her too. She even takes me for walks and I have a new friend by the name of Bauer, he s funny looking, like part coon hound, I can tell he likes me but he s a little older and doesn t want to play that much. His mom said I won the puppy lottery to be at this house. Now Dick is a pretty smart guy, after I ran to the woods to check the deer out and didn t come back when he called, he bought a 100 yard light rope and now takes me out every morning and night to do my job, and at the same time is teaching me to come when he calls, I m getting so good he is testing me  without the line and I come to him, he gets all exited and plays ball with me, I m proud when I do the right thing! They take me for rides in the truck and even to  the Petsmart store where I get to go inside, I go giddy in that place. Anyway I hear them talk about me and they are so happy to have me, I just wanted to thank you for bringing me here, I miss you but I really like it here....oh oh just heard them both come home...gotta go!





Zoey (Photos to follow soon)

We adopted Zoey from Last Hope in October.  We’d like to tell you her “success story”.  She’s a wonderful, gentle, loving dog who loves to go on walks and play with the kids.  She has a nice home with us now and a large, fenced yard to play in.  She was really shy the first week that she was at our house and would sit by the door staring at us like, so when do I go to the next place?  After one week she was 100% moved in and comfortable, rolling over for belly rubs and lots of good loving.  It was almost a month before we heard her bark, which was strange, but we figured maybe she was yelled at for barking because when our house gets too loud (even if we’re “yelling” in fun) she goes in her kennel.  Now we’re very sensitive to how loud we get (especially during Monopoly and football games) and we tone it down so sweet Zoey doesn’t get scared.  She brings so much joy to our house – I don’t know how we ever lived without her!  She’s the perfect dog.  I can’t believe she was a stray.  Zoey loves the dog park and runs around like a champ.  She gets along famously with all the other dogs and even enjoyed herself at a wonderful boarding facility while we were away during Christmas.  We watched her on the webcam all weekend!  The staff at the kennel couldn’t believe we had just adopted her because she is so bonded with us.  We’re so grateful that Last Hope rescued Zoey and that we met her one night at her foster Mom’s house.  Thank you Last Hope for all that you do!  Sincerely, The Johnson Family






Kody - A Super Success Story!Kody

Kody, a four year old chocolate AKC Labrador Retriever was relinquished to us from his owners early in 2010.  Kody had severe chronic ear infections and a palm sized blood blister or hematoma that encompassed his entire right ear flap.  His previous owners could not financially afford to deal with Kody's complex ongoing medical costs.  It took two surgeries and four months of constant medical treatment to clear up Kody's ear problems.

We discovered that Kody has severe food allergies, and requires special hypoallergenic dog food that is very expensive.  The food allergies were at the heart of Kody's chronic ear infections.  Additionally, after being placed in a foster home, we discovered that Kody also has severe separation anxiety, and could not be crated, kenneled, or left alone.  His anxiety was so severe that he could not go to adoption days either.

We were very concerned about the prospects of finding the right home for Kody.  He already had gone through so much.  He is a very gentle and good dog, but we are a rescue, not a refuge, and  needed to find him a home so that we can continue our work with many other animals in need.  Kody had been in foster care for over nine months.

A week ago we received a phone call from a kind woman whose mother is in a local assisted living community.  The community had a resident dog that recently passed away from old age, and they were looking for a replacement.  They wanted a large dog that is extremely gentle and good with all ages of people.  The woman had seen Kody's profile and put us in contact with the director of the assisted living center.

Kody interviewed for the position of resident dog and was instantly loved by the staff and residents.  His need for special dog food is never going to be a problem for the center.  But better yet, Kody will never, ever have to be alone.  Kody will be able to visit all of the residents in the whole facility at will, and also have a 24 hour staff to be with him.  The community is beautiful and next to a large park for walks.  Kody even has his own couch in the sun room near the director's desk! 

Kody's life and future is guaranteed to be filled with love and attention, and all of his diet and medical needs will be met.  He is a very good dog that now has the perfect home.  This is what keeps us going and doing what we do.

Doing this kind of work takes a lot of funds for veterinary bills.  The animals and donations have been particularly hard hit by the current economy.  More people are relinquishing or abandoning their animals, yet we have less funds to help them.  Please donate today so that we can help innocent animals become healthy pets that find their forever homes.  Thank you.


shepard Mom's InjuriesAn Injured Mom and Her Babies

This shepard mix mom was found with multiple Shepard Mominjuries and three puppies. We took them in, gave them medical help, and found all of them forever homes. This is the work that our supporters, corporate sponsors including our vets, Abandoned Puppiesand fosters make possible. Please help us continue our mission by donating or fostering!



Tex, Unwanted Runt of the LitterTex - The Unwanted Runt

Tex came to us as an unwanted 8 week old puppy. He is a Scottish Deerhound/Greyhound Tex 8 Month Old mix. They said that he did not have the "critter drive" necessary. Then Tex got Parvo, and had only a 50% chance of survival. He was very, very sick. It cost Last Hope over $800.00 to save little Tex's life. He is now 8 months old and over 72 lbs and in his forever home. Thank you supporters for your donations. Your donations make stories like these possible.


NellieNellie - Another Success Story

Nellie was given up because her previous owners just did not want her anymore.  She is about 6 years old and had breast tumors. Last Hope had the tumors removed, and found her a new loving home. Help us continue our work with pets like Nellie by donating, fostering, or volunteering!


Beya, one of our success storiesBeya - When Having Puppies Wasn't Sweet

Beya, a small girl at only three pounds, came to us as a young adult after her owners decided to breed her to a nine pound male dog. When the puppies were ready to be born, they were too big for Beya to deliver. A puppy was stuck in the birth canal, and Beya needed an emergency cesarian section to save her life. The puppy died and Beya's life was in jeopardy, but the owners could not afford the cost of the emergency c-section. The vet called Last Hope. We agreed to take her and pay for all of her medical costs which were well over $1000. The vet did save her, but both puppies died.

Because Beya had been in labor too long and had complications, her bowel and bladder became stretched and suffered nerve damage. She can not feel when she needs to eliminate. She is incontinent, and as her bowel no longer works properly, she needs a daily enima to eliminate stool. We don't know if we will ever be able to place Beya in a home with her current problems, but we will do whatever is necessary to help her for as long as it takes.

Beya's owners were not bad people. They did not understand the hazards of breeding any dog, let alone a dog this small. Spaying or neutering your pet is the kindest thing that you can do for them, for yourself, and for the community. There is a wonderful new low cost spay/neuter program in the area called Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program or SNAP. Check them out at .

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