Last Hope Adoption Policies



All the animals in your household must be spayed or neutered and up to date with their shots.  Cats must be indoors only. 

We do not encourage declawing, but if you must, we only allow the front claws to be removed and encourage you to use the laser method since it takes less healing time for the kitten. 

Kittens under 9 weeks of age are adopted in pairs unless you currently have a playful cat at home. 

You must know you are not allergic to cats. 

We do NOT adopt kittens to households that have children under the age of 6.  Kittens are unable to retract their claws and will snag clothing and skin, scaring young children when the kitten is attached. 

We do adopt kittens and cats to those in rental homes, but require written consent from the landlord, or a contract showing cats are allowed.  We do not place cats in homes with daycare facilities.



All your current animals in your household must be spayed or neutered and current with shots. Dogs must be indoor pets unless a exception is made by the dog coordinator. Medium to large young dogs must have a fenced in yard or at least 3 or more acres to run for a least 2 hours a day.

Puppies and dogs are adopted to households with kids that at least 5 years old because all dogs scratch and bite with their teeth and nails as they play. With dogs under 15 lbs, children in the household, must be at least 10. Some exceptions are made but only by the coordinator. We do not adopt puppies to a household that has never had a dog before. We do not place dogs in daycare facilities.

We do adopt to those in rental homes if they have lived in rental home before for least 2 years and have had dogs as an adult before. A contract or lease must be shown. We almost never adopt dogs over 40 lbs or any puppies to rental units; an exception would be for a senior large breed dog.