Cat Fostering Policies

We are looking for people willing to take our rescued cats into their homes, love and work with them, and bring them to our adoption events to find permanent loving homes.


* Volunteer training
* Food and Supplies (when available)
* Vet care for foster pets
* A caring network of volunteers

* A clean loving home
* Feeding and caring for your foster pet
* Socialization
* Transportation to adoption events 2-4 weekend days per month
* Screening of potential adoptive homes, per Last Hope guidelines
* Transporting to and from Vet when needed

All resident pets must be up to date on immunizations, and all adult pets must be spayed/neutered.

All cats and kittens brought to adoption days must have had a vet check.

If you rent, you must provide written permission from your landlord allowing you to foster. 

You must have homeowners/renters insurance and medical insurance for all household members and be willing to sign an agreement, holding Last Hope, and our affiliates harmless.

For more information, please email or call 651-463-8747