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Founded in 1985, Last Hope, Inc. is a foster home based 501(c)3 No-Kill non profit companion animal rescue.

Last Hope has found forever homes for over 45000 cats and dogs since inception. 

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RESCUE - The Mistreated     SAVE - The Injured     ADOPT- The Abandoned


*  Rescuing abandoned, unwanted and helpless animals. Last Hope is a 501(c)3 No-Kill nonprofit and does not believe in the destruction of healthy pets.

*  Promoting the end of overpopulation through education and the neutering, spaying of all rescued animals available for adoption.

*   Providing immediate veterinary care for all rescued animals from intake to emergency and life saving surgery to ensure a high quality of life.

*  Finding forever, loving homes for our animals through adoption.

*  Educating the public in the responsible care of companion cats and dogs.


                                                                                                 Most Recent Success Story




Meet Last Hope's newest foster, Oatmeal! She was brought into Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota on Friday by a Good Samaritan who found her in a pile of trash inside a recycling bin at the recycling plant. She had an old, infected leg wound that required amputation. To top it off, she is mostly or completely blind! One call to Last Hope and Oatmeal was able to have her surgery and begin her road to recovery.

Despite all of this, she is the sweetest thing and is currently laying in my lap purring. 😻She has a long road ahead- first healing from surgery, then will need to see a specialist to determine why she cannot see. But for tonight, she is home- eating, purring, and happy. 💗

We are looking for donations to help towards her medical care, please help if you are able by going to the Donate Now button at the top of the page and make a contribution earmarked towards Oatmeal's ongoing medical care.

Stay tuned, there’s MUCH more to come with this little one...

Samantha Haliburton -Foster Mom
Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota Certified Veterinary Technician ER/ICU and Technician Team Lead 



                                                                                               It's Kitten Season !

Well, it's that time of the year again. When Spring arrives so does "Kitten Season." Within the last couple weeks Last Hope has 5 new litters of kittens, with more on the way! Last Hope normally reaches in excess of 100 kittens in its system at it's peak and will care for them as "bottle babies" and for up to for 4 months before they are available for adoption. Our Foster homes will be in dire need of supplies. Please consider designating Last Hope as one of your favorite charities on your Amazon Smile account, and visit Last Hope's Amazon Wish List to see the items Last Hope will need to care for the fuzzy felines that have been rescued by Last Hope. You can also donate directly to Last Hope by clicking the Donate button below. Last Hope appreciates all the support received from our loyal family of supporters .




                                                             Last Hope Foster Homes Needed!

Last Hope foster homes are the key to our success in saving cats and dogs. Each new foster home saves an animal that might have been mistreated or abandoned and placed at risk of being euthanized.  To date, Last Hope has rescued over 45,000 animals !

Last Hope will provide you with the necessary training and supplies and covers veterinary costs. You simply pick the surrendered animal(s) up at one of our local vets, take them home, love and care for them, and attend our weekly adoption events where the animal will find a new forever home.

You will gain the knowledge of the fostered animals behavior, personality, and training needs, allowing you to be the animals advocate in meeting with potential adopters.

If you enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, this can be a rewarding way for you to make a difference in the life of a helpless and homeless cat or dog.

The Last Hope Cat & Kitten Division and Dog & Puppy Division are in need of new foster homes. 

Contact Last Hope at 651-463-8747 or email [email protected]



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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I worked with Last Hope to surrender a tiny kitten I found in a ditch on Thursday September 27th. It was a pleasure dealing with you guys and you made the process so easy. When the kitten is up for adoption I would love to swing by during the adoption event to see the kitten. Thanks for taking the kitty in."
  • "Picked up my little guy from foster mom. She was kind. Gave me all the paperwork, his food, micro chip and sent us on our way. We love our little furbaby and we are aware of all the issues we are tending with. The only issue is we are not sure picture of our guy is same as him. Ours has a defect that is not apparent on the furbaby. I do love what they do and stand up for. Big hugs to this rescue."
    Wendy E.
  • "I dropped off kitty food that my kitty would not eat. My kitty hates liver. I talked to the gentleman there and was told they are in need of dog and cat food for all the animals that are in foster homes. Please adopt or foster animals, and please have you pet spayed or neutered AND chipped."
    Mary L.
  • "Last Hope bought us our loving Calvin (Rugby) He was very sick when they got him and took excellent care of him before and after we adopted. He has filled our hearts with love. Thank you Last Hope for bringing us together."
    Heather D.
  • "I just wanted to thank you. I adopted a dog named Brandi at the adoption event at Petco in Apple Valley. Even though it has been only a day, she has made a big impact on us. She is funny and smart, she has been playing with her new sister nonstop. The Last Hope Foster, Jim, did a great job of teaching her to trust a new human family. Thank you again for being there when these animals need you the most."
    Doreen S

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